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Robert Moore, Jr has been involved with music since the age of 5. He started playing drums at his father’s church at the age of 7. He became quite popular around Chicago for his talent as a young drummer. While honing his skills as a drummer, he often would sing and lead songs with his church choir. After his family moved from Chicago, IL to Jackson, MS, Robert took interest in playing keyboard and organ. Robert taught himself how to play the keyboard after much practice and encouragement from his parents. He started playing keyboard for his father’s church while attending High School.

As time passed, Robert continued to improve and perform for several churches in the Jackson area. In 2008, Robert moved back to Chicago with his family and began to take interest in producing and engineering. He was blessed to be able to record with many world famous musicians. In addition, he learned how to produce and engineer by some of the top producers and engineers in the R&B, Gospel, and Hip Hop genres.

Robert moved back to Jackson, MS in 2009 and soon became Minister of Music for First Hyde Park in Jackson, Ms. He then began to create his own musical style combining Gospel, R&B, and Hip Hop to create his album “Bridging The Gap”. Robert gives all credit and praise to God for blessing him with many talents and hopes that others would welcome and receive what God has given him. His prayer is that something would be said or sung that would encourage, inspire, and uplift others; but most importantly to bring lost souls and strengthen connections to Christ.

Robert Moore, Jr

Servant. Husband. Musician. Producer

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